A Look at the Saltscourge

That’s Commodore Misvanarga! The Kraken-killer! They say he don’t set foot on land but for the most important of occasions, so he must be meetin’ with one of the Merchant Lords or summat. I seen the emerald sails on the ships that came into harbor yesterday – but his fleet is scattered across the Blueshine – would’a never guessed he was here in person! We gotta get to the wharf later and try’n get a look at his flagship, the Saltscourge. They say it’s the biggest vessel this side of the Mystranic; if’n you can rub Aquera’s face on the figurehead, beasts from the deep will bring you back to land if you’re ever shipwrecked. It’s true! My sister-in-law’s cousin serves in the Commodore’s fleet, and when his ship went down in a squall, the only ones on the crew that survived were those as had rubbed Aquera’s bonny bronze face!

But nevermind that for now. Now that I think of it, may not be a good sign, seein’ the ol’ Commodore here. Only reason I can figure he’d deign to actually leave the deck of the Saltscourge for is there’s a threat to the whole Archipelago – too big for the fleet on its own. Otherwise he’d just handle it himself, the Kraken-killer didn’t get his name from shying away from no danger! He’s never had the patience for all the jawing and games of politics, too busy for such nonsense. He’d only endure it if’n he had no choice. Come on, let’s follow him, see where he goes. Bet you five Golds he heads right for the arsenal. Whatever it is, he’s gonna need to see the free captains and militia commanders as much as the Merchant Lords, mark my words.  

Don’t you worry, though. As far as I’m concerned, there’s not a threat on Zyathé that grand ol’ Myruun and his fleet couldn’t handle. Wasn’t just the kraken he single-handedly harpooned that built his reputation, he’s been makin’ his own fate since he was just a lad. A while back the hordes of Magdronog got tired of plundering the Republic and thought the Blueshine’d make a nice easy target for some slavin’ raids. Not one Orc boot stepped foot on one of these fair isles, Misvanarga sent the lot of them down to the deep. The cabal of necromancers and their corpse-fleet that came some years later didn’t fare any better, the Commodore sank their rottin’ leviathans and dispatched the souls of their putrid crew to Mal’uthuk, where they belong!

It’s no surprise, really. When a Myruun like him puts his mind to somethin’, they won’t rest ‘til it’s done, no matter the odds. In fact, what is surprisin’ ‘bout him is, aside from patrollin’ the waves and captainin’ the fleet, he’s apparently quite the paramour – findin’ the time for a few dozen mistresses across the Archipelago, and beyond. They say he’s got twice as many children as a result, and he’s devoted to one and all of ‘em. Most of his kin wouldn’t dream of such a distractin’ pastime, but I s’pose if you’re as famous and successful as he is, and still have some spare time, it might be hard not to indulge in the adorations of some lovers, eh?

Ah, I see he does seem to have been joined by some fine lasses, and they’re headin’ into the inn, not the armory. Mayhaps there’s not a grave threat to the Blueshine, after all. Good news, that, but not so good for my coinpouch. Here’s your pay. 

Well, let’s go see the Saltscourge anyway, I’d like to get back some of my luck.

-One-Eyed Grannac, Deck Hand

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