A Tale of the Myruun

Hail friend, you seem a little lost. New to the isles? You have the look of one that hasn’t traveled ten miles beyond your home until now, and from somewhere far inland at that. No, I don’t mean any offense, no shame in it. It’s just you seemed to be staring at those Myruun sailors over there like you’d never seen their ilk before. I’d be happy to introduce you to the masters of the sea; I’ve served, bled, laughed, and cried alongside Myruun on a dozen different ships over the past 25 years, and owe more than a few of them my life. It’s the least I could do.

The stout-hearted, and steadfast people commonly known as the Myruun have ever been nearly synonymous with “water.” When one imagines river rapids, tranquil lakes, or ocean waves, often a Myruunic figure is included in the picture painted by their mind’s eye. Thus, it can be said that the maiden of the waves, the Waterbearer: Aquera, did well in leading the creation of this semi-aquatic race. And it is this affinity for the water that dictates the majority of what it means to be Aruna’sundra.

Whether far inland, or sailing the trackless oceans, it is very rare to see a Myruun far from their favored element. This is due in no small part to their psychological preference to the movement and fluidity of water but can also be traced back to a physiological drive as well, since their moist, rubbery skin tends to shrivel and flake if not occasionally submerged in water. Still, while Myruun of every stripe tend to gravitate toward vocations that revolve around water in some form or another, their strong tendency to throw themselves fully into the perfection of whatever they pursue sees members of this tenacious people traveling to every corner of Zyathé.

Customarily, a Myruun’s daily routine will be strictly regimented as many tend to maintain a very habitual lifestyle. Curiously, however, they have garnered a collective reputation for closely mirroring the ever shifting – and often extreme – moods of their original creator: Aquera. At times, their demeanor can be as calm and innocuous as a lake with barely a ripple to disturb the stillness, yet at others, they can be as fiery and aggressive as a blustering squall… before becoming placid once more as if nothing had happened. This oddly decisive tendency can be a little jarring for other folk at first but gives the Myruun a particularly lively and vivacious image that has endeared them to peoples the world over.

It should be noted, however, that not all Myruun are so easily categorized as each individual is completely unique and may, or may not, represent the accepted behavior of the people as a whole. A perfect example of this would be the legendary Myruunic Fleetmaster known as “Deadeye” Scarlett Dalukress. Even in the most violent of hurricane winds, with great waves breaking across the bow of her flagship, the Balance Breaker, her demeanor remained utterly unshakable and completely serene. That stalwart disposition eventually earned her the moniker of “Deadeye” as stories abound of her standing on the splintering deck of her ship, winds and rain battering the hapless vessel from all sides as she calmly sighted in her heavy crossbow before loosing a bolt that would bury itself in an enemy captain’s left eye hundreds of feet away on his own, heaving vessel.

All in all, whether chaotic in temperament like their creator or not, the Myruun are a noble and proud people who have capitalized on their patronage of the pantheon of gods – and their natural prowess with waterborne occupations – to become some of the best navigators, fisherfolk, pirates, and ship captains  in the world, a fact they are quick to point out on a regular basis to any willing to listen to a tale or two.

-Erin D’ecquis, Merchant, Explorer, and Busybody

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