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The first volume of an ongoing Cyclopaedia. Over 240 pages of rich and storied lore encompassing an entire living world.




A New Kind of World…

A Wy’rded World

Zyathé, a Vast and Terrifying Place

The Wy’rded World is fresh, extraordinary, enthralling and dangerous. Before, the grand civilization of the Etherns and the magnificent power of their magicks kept peril at bay. But the Hubris of the high mage, Galceanthras brought that grandeur to utter, and catastrophic ruin… Now the world of Zyathé is broken, scarred, and corrupted.

  • 5e compatible
  • Totally unique setting
  • 240 pages of content
  • Incredible lore and history
  • Six amazing new races
  • Intriguing take on magic
  • Awesome new pantheon
  • Beautiful 17×22 world map

5e compatible
Totally unique setting
240 pages of content
Incredible lore and history
Six amazing new races
Intriguing take on magic
Awesome new pantheon
Beautiful 17×22 world map

What’s Inside?

22×17 Inch World Map Poster

A beautiful, full-color and highly detailed 22×17 inch map of the enormous, Wy’rded World in all its splendor. 9 vast and dangerous continents, as well as the high seas, await upcoming campaigns and exploration.

Chapter 1: History

The full accounting of the creation of the Eterniverse, the pantheon of gods, the lifeworld of Zyathé, and the incomprehensible Lords of Corruption. A tumultuous journey through time unfolds with eras of peace and prosperity… and eons of strife and misery.

Chapter 2: Magic

An overview of the Zyanthuus – which is also known as the Everflow – from which all magical energy stems. An archive of the happenings throughout history, as well as recordings of the cryptic Flowstones including the dangers they pose and the powers they contain.

Chapter 3: Cosmology

Full accounting of the 401 days of the Zyathic year known as the Suleónic Constant. Enumeration of the holidays and celebrations commemorated by all the world’s peoples. An archive of the most prominent celestial bodies in the night sky.

Chapter 4: Geography

Highlights of the geographical points of interest across the globe as well as the disparate communities and kingdoms found above and below ground. An outline of the nonmagical climate and weather patterns that sweep across the planet and their effects on trade and exploration.

Chapter 5: Anthropology

A chronicling of the High Humanoid races, including 6 that can only be found on and in Zyathé: The steadfast Gorrund, noble Sarth, playful Light Fay’aree, prankster Dark Fay’aree, beguiling Aethyrian, and the hearty Myruun. Additional sub races that add even more depth to previously common races.

Chapter 6: Theology

A compendium of all 72 gods created by the Maker to keep balance, as well as their holy symbols and a naming of their faithful zealots and clergy. Agents, Paladins, Vengers, Egalitans, Deprevants and many more who have pledged themselves to their patron deity and further their goals… whether they be good, evil, or neutral.

Chapter 7: Life in the Wy’rded World

Accounting of the different aspects of everyday life for ordinary citizens. Travel, governments, economics, guilds, languages, and industry all brought to light. The mundane lives of the peoples of the world prove to be anything but. These details breathe tangible life into world that players will be adventuring through.

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Over 240 pages of engrossing lore and history. An entirely new pantheon of 72 gods and their unique servants and agents. Six amazing new races along with a bevy of subraces with rich backgrounds. Captivating overviews of magic in the Wy’rded World along with Flowstones and the lingering effects of a magical catastrophe that shook the planet to its foundations. A 22×17 inch, full-color map of the beautiful and dangerous world that awaits brave adventurers.