Deific Spotlight

Blessings of Davodandalus

“Welcome, traveler, to the Smoky Hearth! I am Sir Rudy Dobrindle, Knight of Repose, and barkeep for this fine establishment. I trust the food and drink are to your liking, and I assure you, you will have the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had tonight on one of our magnificent beds. If you partake of the noble pipeleaf, we have many of the finest Zustrenian and Sundestian blends, but also a number of quality local varieties. I would recommend Andvallan Gold against any of the imported foreign leafs, and you can trust a Paladin of Davodandalus on such things! Should you need a new pipe for your leaf, brother Brightleaf in the shrine next door would be happy to carve you one; I happen to know he is a master at shaping seastone, and I believe he still has a block of beautiful Sundestrian Briarroot.

Many aren’t taken with the leaf, and that’s just fine. Even if you’ve no need of a pipe though, you should go visit the shrine. Davodandalus is god of more than just smoking and the affairs of Halfling folk such as myself, though not many know it. He watches over hard workers and weary travelers, such as yourself. All diligent people deserve rest and respite from their labors, and to be untroubled by worries, disruptions, or wicked brutes that would rob them of enjoying the fruits of their own labor. When I’m not running the counter I make patrols along the road outside to make sure no brigands trouble the good folk resting here.

Davodandalus is easygoing as gods go, as you might expect from the god of relaxation. He’s happy to provide his blessings to all, whether they give him prayers and offerings or not. However, those that give him worship often find their burdens greatly lightened, an hour’s doze may feel as restful as a full night’s sleep, and insurmountable troubles will seem to melt away before them. And attending a service to the Lord of Pipes is far from a taxing experience! No droning sermons to endure, or painful acts of contrition to perform. In truth, taking your  ease here at the inn isn’t so different from the rites in the chapel. And, so long as you raise a genuinely thankful prayer to Davodandalus while you do so, you can get a pint and a bowl of leaf for free as part of the service! Not a bad deal, eh? Well, I hope to see you over there sometime during your stay, friend. But whatever you choose to do, enjoy your stay with the blessings of Davodandalus!” 

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