Adventure Books

These books are the cornerstones of the packages we offer since they contain the main storyline of the adventure campaign and so much more. In addition to being the foundation of the campaign, these books are also meant to provide entertainment and inspiration for our GMs! Through gripping fictions, helpful advice and tools, and full-color copies of the illustration handouts that we include with every adventure package – Gooey Cube adventure books seek to tell the blossoming stories of the Hanataz while making the preparation required to run an awesome game much more enjoyable. Everything about these books is designed with our GM’s ease of use in mind. From the spiral binding on printed copies that allows them to lay perfectly flat, to highly detailed descriptions that can either be read word-for-word or paraphrased based on style and situation; our Adventure Books are geared toward giving our GMs the tools they need to weave an EPIC tale that their players will talk about for years!