The World of Zyathé offers an interesting and compelling group of new races for your players to enjoy. These new races bring much verisimilitude to the Wy’rded World. The new races include:

  • The Sarth, whose inability to use arcane magicks is compensated by an immunity to the toxically thaumaturgical Flowstones, leading to their talents in cutting and shaping the material.
  • The Goruund, isolated mountain folk with great strength of body and mind whose artistic bent and philosophical ways shroud them in mystery.
  • The Dark and Light Fay’aree rarely venture from their Un-seelie and Seelie courts, but when they do, make for formidable adventurers.
  • The Myruun, an ocean-going folk with powers derived from the strength of water – and a dark and terrible secret that cannot be disclosed.
  • The Aethyr, whose skill with weaving the winds and the storms can bring much power to an adventuring party, and much danger to those who oppose them.

Plus, we also bring some new and interesting takes on the more traditional fantasy races. And, in the future, more races will be released – including those socialized, and those abominable.