The World of Zyathé has an amazing array of majestic beasts, fearful creatures, and baleful monsters to confound and combat your party. Some have been here since the beginning of creation, but most came into being in the aftermath of the horrific twisting of the world that occurred during the Woe of Ruin. These opponents have new stats to bring more intensity, surprise, and variety to your table. Just some of the new monsters you’ll find are:

  • The Aracnic Revenants: Fearful, undead spiders created through necromancy involving the use of a human brain! Nasty!
  • Dragu’un: In Zyathé, there are Dragons, and there are Dragu’un. The Dragu’un are still formidable foes, but they are smaller, less dangerous, and more populous versions of their greater kin. When someone is called “Dragon-slayer” on Zyathé, it is far more likely that he or she is a “Dragu’un-slayer.”
  • The Rottmire: A form of Gooey Cube, the Rottmire lives in bogs and marshes and is very good at lying in wait for prey. The longer it lives, the more natural armor it builds from all of the logs, rocks, and weapons that stick in its oozy body.
  • The Nightclimber: Man-eating squirrels that attack in swarms! Hide your nuts.
  • Plus the Hogskeeters, the Greenstripe Panthers, the Greenslimes, the Boulderback Snapper, the Mighty Toadlossus, and so many more!

The monsters we create are all designed to help you, the GM, run a more comprehensive campaign that fosters intense combat and situational serendipity. Plus, they are fully level-variable, so you never have to worry about the meta-gaming, monster memorizers again. We’re working feverishly on our first chapter of the Cyclopædia Monstrica, and hope to have it released soon!