History and lore are the backbone of enduring sagas. Our goal with the World of Zyathé is to build a deep, abiding, and ongoing foundation of mysterious, intriguing, and enthralling tales, stories, rumors, historical accounts, and current events to help you bring the Wy’rded World to life. Every supplement we craft… every adventure we create… all will contribute to the lore and history of the world. But there’s so much more to the Eterniverse than just what we’re making today. The world of Zyathé is the culmination of nearly 40 years of adventure building, augmented with new and exciting ideas brought by our many creative team members. We truly desire to give you an immersive environment that is fantastical yet believable.

The entire Cyclopaedia Zyrathica is currently in development. It will, ultimately, be a multi-chapter anthology on the Zyathé that will cover all the continents and the world at-large. The first chapter, entitled Zyathé: The Wy’rded World, is an overview of the many facets of the world setting. It covers the creation of the Eterniverse, the planar realms, and the gods, as well as world history, peoples, governments, and lore. Beyond this, it also provides new races, monsters, character classes, and magic, and a beautiful world map that is simply incredible.

We’re also amazing, detailed maps of every continent and then, when adventures call for them, maps of more localized areas showing much detail. We really want Zyathé to come alive for you and your players.