In that time, he also determined that he would try to become a great Game Master. He read books and writings from those who taught such things. He did his own writing and creations. Volumes of content were developed. Worlds blossomed. Characters came to life. Vile and terrible antagonists brought great challenges. Heroes were made. And heroes were lost.

Through the years of GM’ing and playing, the young man grew older. And, as he played, he became convinced that the greatest games were not those where the objectives were all about loot acquisition, or where combat was the main objective. He began to create games that were more focused on characters and story. Replete with drama, mystery, and intrigue. Roleplaying became more important. And the games became more immersive.

The folks around the table seemed to really love those games. As the years went by, the young man’s skills improved. The tales were better. The plots more complex, twisted, and intense. And the folks at the table had more fun.

I was that young man. And now, I’m not so young.

It has been a wonderful and amazing journey. I have met (and played with) so many fantastic people. I’ve been inspired by truly talented folks who wrote and created and danced their wonderful ideas in my brain. Inspired by

those individuals, I’ve written all manner of content for my home games and shared that content with only the players at the table. And thus it’s been for over four decades. Then, last year, I started playing with some of the people from work. They were great times. And great games. Folks got hooked on the most enthralling game that’s ever been. Just like I did. And then, somebody said, “we should start a game company,” which is something I’ve always dreamed about.

And, thus began, Gooey Cube.

Our materials are based in a lot of the lore and content I developed myself over these past 40 years. But there’s also all manner of awesome and fresh concepts and ideas from the fun and creative folks that have labored in the crafting our supplements and scenarios. I’m truly thankful to work with such imaginative and talented people.

I don’t know what will happen from here. I just know that we want to tell some great tales with you and your players. We hope to bring you stories that inspire. We are driven to bring you sagas that enthrall the folks at your table – and are totally fun to run. And, along the way, we hope to help some folks advance their skills as GMs and help some players improve their abilities as well.

Our stuff’s a little different than most. It might change your thoughts a bit on how your run your games. If you like what we’re doing, we’d appreciate your support. I promise that we’ll always try to bring you great value in the materials we produce. But more than that, I promise we’ll always try to help you tell an epic story.

Faretha’well, friend. May all your adventures be sticky…

Kim (Alphinius Goo)