With the beginnings of the Wy’rded World, we’ve already created a number of interesting classes for your folks to play, and we’re going to add more as our campaigns progress and the world expands. The new races of our world have also given rise to new classes that feed from their cultures and specialties. Some of the new classes we’ve created for the World of Zyathé include:

  • The Flintlock Fusilier: A wielder of a magically imbued device that directs the magicks of Flowstones to cast powerful spells.
  •  The Agent of Jinxx: An operative for the Lord of the Fools. This specialist combines roguish talents with illusory magicks, and a bit of trickery to confound their enemies.
  • The Hanataz Spelldancer: A mobile mage that brings forth ancient magicks of the Hanataz through the special dances of the traveling folk.
  •  The Knight of the Forest: This class is effectively a Barbarian class for a noble Fay’aree to play, with a twist. As the creator of the race said… don’t knock it ‘til you tried it!

There are many more in current materials and future publications. Beyond this, we’re also in the process of developing a complete set of classes for the various churches of the world. The only question is… “What’s a Depravant?”