In any case, we deviate. The point is that the game is no way, no how, not nearly as fun if you don’t have engaged, energetic, thoughtful, and, yes, at times, obnoxious players sitting around the table. Seriously. If you’ve ever been at a game where the players are all (or mostly all) roleplaying their characters, digging into the story, bringing crazy ideas and their own nuance to the plot, and, generally, being the strange and intriguing characters that they are… then you know how much a group of great players means to the game.

Included in this section are some videos and written materials that you might find interesting if you’re wanting to improve your player skills. Now, to be clear, this isn’t about how to make your goofy, foul-smelling, Gnome Rogue the most OP character in the game. It’s not about exploits that can turn your mealy-mouthed, third level Sorceror into an indominable, arcane wielding, city-destroying, machine.

It’s about the things you can do to improve the fun-factor at the table while you take part in an amazing, incredible, mysterious, and fearful adventure. We hope you find the materials on this page helpful. And, that your games are better for it. If we can do better in what we’re offering here, we’d love to get your thoughts. Send us an email at