The Wy’rded World provides a variety settings. The calamity that was the Woe of Ruin broke the world and created all manner of strange, unnatural, and wonderous locales. Some of these include:

  • The Valley of the Nethershade: Here, on the continent of East Verdestia, the last floating city of the Etherns lies suspended in the air above the ever-burning vale, crooked and filled with unimaginable horrors.
  • The Du’unserra Sea: On the continent of Sundestia, the enormous black ocean of tiny Du’un Crystals forms what some call The Sea of Onyx. It is a hot and arid place where the Karunai clans ride their great sand ships across the shadowy, crystalline waves to travel between their oasis cities.
  • Osensia: This great, ocean-going city of the Myruun people may be found off the coast of Verdestia. It is an enormous, buoyant island crafted entirely by its inhabitants, and harbors many dark secrets.
  • The Dread Peak: Long ago in the depths of time, a group of powerful mages built a citadel atop a lone mountain on the continent of Zustrenia. Supposedly a huge, multi-level complex filled with all manner of treasure and death is said to reside there. Beware though! There are times when the peak literally vanishes, and all that are on or inside disappear with it….
  • The Vile Desolation: On the continent of West Verdestia, situated between the lands of the invading Orokonoids and the Republic of Zyranthea, is a horrible and frightening wasteland. It is a blighted region with many destroyed villages and towns, hordes of undead, and creatures that feast on ever-abundant carrion. The dead city of Covenant may be found there, filled with the many creations of undeath that still serve under the black fist of the Shadowlord, Kalnovich.

These are just a few of the many places that may be found on these torn lands. To learn more, check out Chapter 1 of the Cyclopædia Zyrathica entitled, Zyathé: The Wy’rded World.