The Adventure Continues

Immersive. Engaging. Fun. Everything you loved from Ch. 1: The Darkest Dream, bigger, better, and more irresistible.

An Evolving Story Continues to Grow

The lighthearted and generally safe feeling of the Carnivalle is gone. Something dangerous lurks in the shadows and the Troupe is under serious threat. Even more mystery, sinister plots, and lethal encounters lie in wait for the unwary.

A Unique GM Experience

Even MORE incredible tools to make your life easier and the game more entertaining for your players abound.

The Adventure Book

The backbone of the adventure. This is where the story unfolds across 65 beautiful and highly descriptive pages. Every keyed encounter has been written out for you to use as either straight narration, or to paraphrase in your own unique way. And of course, it makes the tale easier and more entertaining for you to read!

The GM Reference Book

The toolbox designed to run in tandem with your Adventure book. 72 pages of Lethal and Non-Lethal NSREs (Not So Random Encounters), Battle Stats, Special Item quick reference, NPC info and quick reference, and Visions and Dream threads all right at your fingertips for seamless play sessions!

Detailed Maps

16 highly elaborate maps (8 for the players and 8 for the GM) PLUS a map of the Zyranthean Republic bring the setting to life and show the players exactly where they’re at! Player maps come without any labels to keep immersion up and meta-gaming down!

82 Illustrated Handouts

Every setting, every encounter, every monster, every clue. All are included in beautifully illustrated handouts for your players to truly picture in their mind’s eye and further immerse themselves in your tale. And best of all, it’s easier for you!

47 NPC Portraits

A pack of gorgeous cards that serve a dual purpose. First, your players will be able to see the NPCs they interact with throughout the adventure and keep their immersion high! Second, NPC info is written on the back for you to use as you role play and bring these characters to life for your group!

65 Special Item Cards

Every unique and magical item in the adventure has been given a standard sized card (they fit in the same sleeves as Magic the Gathering cards) that illustrate each item and include stats on the back! Now you can simply hand a card to your players once they’ve identified an item and if they lose their card… they may have left their item in some inn a few towns back!

Even More Gooey Rewards Cards

The perfect supplements for slow-leveling and a great way to reward fantastic role-play and heroic deeds without breaking the game! These specific and unique bonuses add to the excitement and fun every time they’re played!

Take a Closer Look

Explore Chapter Two with The Mad Wizard, Alphinius Goo!

Keep the Story Going!

The Foulest of Spirits Combo Edition is only $45

Everything you’ve seen is compatible with 5th Edition and is included in this amazing adventure kit and continues the tale of the Red Star Rising. PLUS, the Combo Edition includes the full breadth of printed material along with an entire Digital Download copy!