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From the White Box to 5e: What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Some forty years ago, a young man embarked on a grand journey. It started in the home of a friend where a totally new kind of game was being played. Some nine hours later, at around 3:30 in the morning, that young man determined that there was no greater game. Nothing compared. Nothing was even remotely close.

As the years progressed, the young man ran games, and played in games, and read all manner of books and lore crafted by the great authors and creators of the time. He dug into novels and supplements. He studied rulebooks and strange manuals replete with all manner of bizarre and frightening creatures. He played first edition, second edition, third edition… went back to second edition, and kept playing and playing.

Beware Ye Who Enter This Place

Spoilers abound in the depths below: Continue at your own peril.

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Priceless Lessons from the Mad Wizard: Alphinius Goo.

Welcome to Gooey University! Below you will find miraculous tips and tricks on how to be the GM your table deserves. Enjoy!


The Writings of Alphinius Goo

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