Message from Alphinius

Cheers and greetings, my friends!

I am gladdened to see you again as  we wander this Wy’rded World together. We’ll soon disembark onto the great bazaar of Serpent Cove, one of my favorite cities amidst the beautiful Blueshine Archipelago. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, I doubt it can be found anywhere! There’s no black market in these isles; you can buy and sell anything you like, so long as you pay the tax levied by the Merchant Lords. I’ve got a few contacts amongst the Myruunese vendors that can procure even the most obscure items. For example, I am in need of a pre-Ethernic artifact from the lands now covered by the Shrouded Sea, which will require a reliable ship and some well-armed deep-sea divers…but I digress. 

Stay close if you don’t want to get lost amongst the crowd, though sometimes that’s precisely what you want to do! YES!! As getting lost, and subsequently found, can be much fun!! In any case, you never know what sorts of fantastical things you will overhear wending through the stalls and booths of the bazaar. No doubt there will be many a tall tale of piratical misadventures and nautical mayhem. Not everyone around the Blueshine are lawless buccaneers, but those that aren’t all know several that are. Of course, even the most dastardly of ocean-goers must rely upon the graces of Aquera; you wouldn’t think it at first glance, but the misfits and ne’er-do-wells of the Blueshine are quite devout followers of the goddess – so like as not you’ll hear many devotions to the lady of the waves. Beyond that, who knows what you might learn if you keep an ear open to the symphony of voices babbling in a hundred tongues. Just be sure that you never become so engrossed in a tale that you don’t also mind your belt: there are many deft hands looking to misplace your coins on these streets.

And here we are! Let’s see what strange wares and tales await us!

– Alphinius Goo

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