Message from Alphinius

Cheers and greetings,  my friends! 

Come, join me as I rest from my travels. There is a wayshrine of Davodandalus not far from here, and I happen to know that the attached tavern and inn run by its quiescent priests offers some of the heartiest ales, finest pipeleafs, and softest beds for many miles. Besides providing a fine hearth where you can take your ease and put up your feet, there are few better places to sit and listen to the fascinating tales of your fellow travelers. Whether you’ve been exploring Zyathé for many years or have just set out from your homeland for the first time, there are always intriguing new stories of illustrious heroes, deadly monsters, and faraway lands to be heard. A few of them might even be true!

Being near the border of Andvalla, I expect we may hear of the strange happenings in that ancient land, including the rise of its new queen… and her, shall we say unexpected, first acts as sovereign. However, history runs deep in these parts, deeper than Andvalla or even the Etherns that ruled before the Woe of Ruin. Memories fade and tales grow in the telling, but if you listen carefully, you may catch a true spark of the earliest days of this Wy’rded World. But also keep an ear out for more immediate concerns, like the beasts that prowl along the roads in this region. For you never know when hearing of another’s misfortune might save your own life!

Ah, here we are. Let’s head inside and see if we can get a bite to eat and catch a good tale or two.

– Alphinius Goo

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