A New Kind of Adventure

The Immersive Experience from Gooey Cube. Easier for GMs to run. Far better experience for your players.

Enthralling Tales that Save You Prep Time

Every adventure from Gooey Cube is a rich, deep tale with all manner of mystery, intrigue, strange characters, and incredible plot twists. Ready to go, out of the box. And it’s setting independent and tied to an incredible campaign. Plus, it’s designed to be an entertaining read for GMs!

A Unique GM Experience

Incredible tools to make your life easier and more enticing for your players.

24 Pre-Gen Story Based Characters

In the first chapter of every campaign, you get an awesome array of fantastic Pre-Gens for your players. All with great stats, totally cool portraits, character backgrounds, and player secrets. Our first campaign has 24 incredible characters.

The Adventure Book

The basis of the adventure. Fun and easy to read with deep and interesting content and ideas. You can add to it, or just run it as is because we’ve designed it to cut your prep time. Plus, all manner of cool features to make running the game easier for you. It’s 62 pages of amazement!

The GM Reference Book

Over 70 pages of tools for you to run the adventure. Battle Stats. No-So-Random-Encounters, Monsters & Nemeses, NPC Descriptions & Backgrounds, Rumors & Lore, Major Player Secrets, and much more! Virtually no additional prep work required other than to read it.

Detailed Maps

We give you maps for both you and your players. And a strategy so you don’t have to use tracing paper or graph paper anymore. Save time and give your players a better experience!

62 Illustrated Handouts

Virtually every location, encounter, puzzle, dark hallway, scary locality, and more are available in a full color, 8.5” x 11” handout for you to present to your players. Monsters, creepy locations, strange mysteries. They’re all here. No more searching the internet for images!

43 NPC Portraits

Nearly every NPC that the players will encounter in the adventure is portraited. Plus, they have NPC info on the back and a notes area for you. They make roleplaying the NPCs easier while giving your players the experience of seeing the NPC. Plus, you get a cheat sheet to manage all NPCs!

35 Special Item Cards

Every magic item and many “interesting items” from the game are provided in carded format with stats on the back. No more reading stats. No more players losing stats or “forgetting” the power of an item. And they are standard card size to fit in a card holder!

37 Gooey Rewards Cards

Totally cool intermediary rewards for players. Add to the excitement and fun. They add to the game without unbalancing it. And you don’t have to make them!

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Explore Chapter One with The Mad Wizard, Alphinius Goo!

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