Character Folio Bundle


Make a character sheet that’s uniquely yours with this blank, Character Folio. Bring your own characters to life! Each page of this awesome folio has been meticulously designed for maximum utility to make playing your character as intuitive as possible.

What’s Inside?

• Page 1: Your folio’s cover, printed with your chosen portrait with room for your character’s name.

• Page 2: The bread and butter of your folio. Everything from stats to class and actions
management is here!

• Page 3: This is an armor and equipment loadout page. Special articles of clothing, armor, and accessories are managed here including organization for items with Flowstone sockets.

• Page 4: This is your travelers pack, where you store your mundane equipment along with
consumables and money.

• Page 5: This is your Class Organization page where you keep tabs on your class abilities,
weapon proficiencies, and any astounding feats you have chosen!

• Page 6: Here is where the essence of your character resides. Everything from their personality traits, to racial bonuses are cataloged here.

• Page 7: Your character’s rich, and storied history goes here. Plenty of room for all of their most famous (or infamous) exploits!

• Page 8: New to the game? No problem. This entire page is chock full of easy player references to make sure you’re never taken out of the action to search through rulebooks!

• Page 9: This page contains everything you need to manage your spells and maximize your
caster’s effectiveness.

• Page 10: Here is a quick reference page of all the most common cantrips with space to add a few of your own!

• Page 11: This is a second, blank copy of page 2 to use for an NPC, companion, familiar, and more.

Digital character sheets can’t hold a candle to truly epic, old-school character management!

After purchasing a bundle, please send an email to with the category and numbers for you folios along with your order ID.

Example: Dwarf 3, Elf 2, Human 9, and Changeling 1. OrderID 78675.
The order ID can be found by going to

Additional information

Bundle Size

Individual Folio $15, 4 Folios $55 ($5 Discount), 6 Folios $80 ($10 Discount), 8 Folios for $100 ($20 Discount)