The Foulest of Spirits – Chapter Two of the Red Star Rising Campaign


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The Sul has risen following the last day of Carnivalle, but the morning brings no comfort. The terrifying events of the previous night still burn within your minds – and the shades of death that menaced the camp still darken your hearts. Now, some of your troupe have gone missing and others lie as if dead. And though you wish to stay and help your kin, you must complete a critical (and secret) mission in the depths of the Duskwood to find an item of great importance. But it is Darktide – a day of dire portents – and nothing is as it should be.

Vile monsters and grotesque undead gather in the shadowy forest – driven mad by the evil of the day. Bloodthirsty gangs of thugs prowl along the paths and roads, awaiting their chance to murder and maim. And beyond all this, something hunts your troupe – a fearful and ancient evil that burns in your dreams. Then, fires devour your people’s tents, as thieves abscond with valuable Hanataz treasures! But there are more sinister plots afoot than simple arson and robbery. Baleful powers scheme in the shadows, waiting for their chance to set their murderous plans in motion. Be on your guard, for everything you believe may be false!

Dive into a box set with more than 120 pages of intense and immersive content with over 150 full-color handouts, maps, NPC portraits, rewards cards, and special item cards to help you bring the Foulest of Spirits to life!


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7 reviews

What others are saying

  1. Michael Crawford

    A warm pool to freshen up your GM skills

    Michael Crawford (verified owner)

    So, I am show to be interested in lore of games. Thankfully, the gooey cube has been so wonderful it kept my attention with our studying the lore. I finally got around to reading the entire gm reference guide for chapter one, and it’s even more amazing.

    This campaign is so good even in the shallow end of the pool. It feels warm and refreshing to the players, and the gm. However as you get into the gooey pool, you soon learn that there is much depth. Indeed it is endless as more plots and sub plots become exposed. This is not a campaign, it is a world that you experience and affect

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  2. Jim

    Chapter 2 is even more... Gooey!

    Jim (verified owner)

    What does that even mean? Even more Gooey. To me it means that this 2nd chapter is every bit as intense as the first. Every bit as immersive… and as Gooey Cube likes to say… It is sticky. it stays with you. You feel it when it’s happening and you remember it afterword. And when my players were left off on that chapter 1 ending, they all make statements like…’ Oh My God!’ and… ‘I can’t believe it!’ My players wanted to keep going, but it was late and cliffhangers are cliffhangers for a reason. So here we are, at Chapter 2… I open the box, which BTW weighs like 5 lbs or more. I can’t be sure because i used the bathroom scale just to answer the question for myself. I stepped on, got my weight, cringed, and then reset it to step back on with the box in hand. This is obviously not a very good way to get an accurate measure but this was the best I had. I’m not lying. I did this! It My weight had increased by a little more than 5lbs with box in hand.

    Inside the box were the two game books, just like chapter one- one for the adventure and one as a GM reference. Both spiral bound so they can lay flat on he table behind your screen- no having to hold a page open or accidentally break a binding in a fancy, very expensive book. Then came the artwork… a stack of 4×6 NPC portraits with description info on the back- also number marked so that you can present them to your players when the adventure prompts you. Then the 8×11 handouts for clues, and the maps- both player and GM copies- and the artwork scenes of many (a lot) of the adventures settings(also numbered so you can present them at the right time). There’s a couple stacks of special item cards- something you can put into your players hands when they find something magical, or just a cool item. It makes the thing feel real because there’s a bit of artwork on each of these too. And there’s also a deck of Gooey Reward cards, a little bonus thing the GM can use to reward good play and we’re talking some unique little rewards too… And the real nerdfest thing- there is a cool map of the region in which the game takes place. I love maps. Maps help me create a vision in my head of what walking through such a place might be, whether it’s a town perched upon a seaside cliff, or a range of mountains whose peaks are shrouded in a misty cloud layer, or a dark and foreboding forest where every sound makes your skin tingle and the hairs on your arms and neck stand up.

    I haven’t started to GM this one yet, but I’ve read it through. Gooey Cube says they write heir adventures so that the GM can enjoy the tale when reading it and preparing to run it. If the GM loves the tale, then that will carry over in how they GM it as well. Chapter 2 does not disappoint!. Excellent work from Gooey Cube! Thank you!

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  3. Dan Latham

    A great continuation of an awesome story

    Dan Latham (verified owner)

    So chapter 2 is just as awesome as chapter 1. The art continues to impress ,the story continues to be immersive and draw all the players in just like chapter 1 chapter 2 is easy to run with your veteran D&D player or a new DND player so for anyone out there who is trying to find something just to have fun with I strongly suggest trying this product out. the people at Gooey Cube have definitely put a lot into this not just for marketing or making money but they put a story, that is pretty much their heart and soul, into a product they believe in. Just as before there’s not enough words to describe this. Each chapter comes with a set of NPC‘s that have their own art and a story go with it. Just like any other D&D game you can find items that will assist in your travels. This system brings those items to life with colorful pictures as well as descriptions of each item. There’s colorful maps as well as colorful handouts of Different places that can be found in each chapter. Each chapter also has a guidebook to assist the game master with monster stats or Other encounters that can be ran. I believe this is a must have for any DND enthusiast or a game master whatsoever. Everything found in these chapters can be used in your own campaign whether it be this realm or your own it’s just makes it more of an efficient way to run a game.

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  4. Omega0609

    Wait, it gets better?


    I didn’t think that the feeling and experience of The Darkest Dream could be surpassed, and yet the second module goes even deeper and further than it’s predecessor. Some secrets are answered, but many mysteries remain. It’s a thrilling adventure with an amazing scope and just so much detail put into every little corner. After being mere Yunsta in the first module, you’re getting some serious responsibility now, which also increases the dread you’re going to. There are quite a few tense moments in The Foulest of Spirits that will test what your party is made of – Darktide’s night awaits.

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  5. Kristi Kalis

    Hit it out of the park again!

    Kristi Kalis (verified owner)

    Chapter 1 was full of so much, and Chapter 2 is equally fabulous! Role playing with NPCs. Fighting every kind of creature you don’t want to meet. Humor. Drama. Joy and sadness. It’s unbelievable and incredible! As the players progress, their personalities are coming out more and more. I want more of the Wy’rded World!

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  6. tmeans900

    Hillbillies, Hoedowns, and Horror!

    tmeans900 (verified owner)

    This is a wonderfully dark adventure that every player i’ve had has loved. The npc’s, good and bad, have left lasting impressions and weeks after my players are still recalling the highlights of the adventure. As always the GooeyCube crew deliverers an adventure box crammed full of handouts, maps, and readouts, all beautifully illustrated.

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  7. wilcoxmatt

    So much tension


    Every move you make is potentially fatal! Every choice seems important and carries weight! Really hopeful that future installments can keep up the quality!

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