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The Foulest of Spirits – Chapter Two of the Red Star Rising Campaign

The Sul has risen following the last day of Carnivalle, but the morning brings no comfort. The terrifying events of the previous night still burn within your minds – and the shades of death that menaced the camp still darken your hearts. Now, some of your troupe have gone missing and others lie as if dead. And though you wish to stay and help your kin, you must complete a critical (and secret) mission in the depths of the Duskwood to find an item of great importance. But it is Darktide – a day of dire portents – and nothing is as it should be.

Vile monsters and grotesque undead gather in the shadowy forest – driven mad by the evil of the day. Bloodthirsty gangs of thugs prowl along the paths and roads, awaiting their chance to murder and maim. And beyond all this, something hunts your troupe – a fearful and ancient evil that burns in your dreams. Then, fires devour your people’s tents, as thieves abscond with valuable Hanataz treasures! But there are more sinister plots afoot than simple arson and robbery. Baleful powers scheme in the shadows, waiting for their chance to set their murderous plans in motion. Be on your guard, for everything you believe may be false!

Dive into a box set with more than 120 pages of intense and immersive content with over 150 full-color handouts, maps, NPC portraits, rewards cards, and special item cards to help you bring the Foulest of Spirits to life!


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Zyathé: The Wy’rded World – Volume 1 of the Cyclopædia Zyathica

Before you stretches the dark and twisted world of Zyathé – the cursed and shadowed planet that was once the pride of AvovA; the creator of All Things. Inside these pages you’ll learn the histories, lore, and mysteries of The Wy’rded World. The complete background of how the planet was formed is at your fingertips, as well as the many guarded secrets of the Time of the Making that the gods wish none to see. Tales of peace, prosperity, strife, corruption, and sacrifice have all been recorded in this timeless compendium’s 240-plus pages; including the terrible catastrophe that brought the greatest mortal civilization ever known, and the world itself, to its knees. Expand your knowledge of The Wy’rded World and peruse gripping lore that tells of how Zyathé and all its myriad denizens came to be. And what brought them to what you see today. Included in The Wy’rded World supplement are:

  • The lore of the creation the Eterniverse, the planes, the gods, and the world itself – and the terrible story of how AvovA, the creator of all, was slain by the Four Lords of Corruption.
  • The fearful and amazing history of all that has come before – and how that history affects all that is happening in the dark times of the current day.
  • Important information on the Zyanthuus, which is the magic of Zyathé, and how it was nearly destroyed in the terrible calamity known as The Woe of Ruin.
  • A complete explanation of Flowstones; how they were created, what they do, and how to use them in games. Plus a section on the Sarth people that explains why they are the only race that can cut and craft Flowstones into magical conduits.
  • A comprehensive overview of the world itself with expansive information on all the continents – and their associated tyrannies, sovereignties, kingdoms, queendoms, and republics.
  • Info on the many power groups that vie for control – and why the High Elves are one of the most evil and feared races in the Wy’rded World.
  • Lore about the Woe of Ruin, the Blood-Touch, and the many other unique aspects of Zyathé.
  • A complete races section with comprehensive information on all the high races of Zyathé – including five unique, new races: The Goruund, the Sarth, the Fay’aree, the Myruun, and the Aethyr. Plus, some really interesting, new twists on the other races of fantasy lore.
  • The entire godly pantheon and how religion on Zyathé shapes the people and the world.
  • Plus, an incredible, full-color 22”x17” poster map of the world.
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The Coldest of Blood – Chapter Three of the Red Star Rising Campaign

The days loom dark as the wagons roll on toward Prondadol. Nearby, the fetid, stinking Blackrot Bog is a constant reminder of the shadows that lie upon your hearts. In the sky, Zaraghast – the dreaded red star – burns day and night; bringing much fear to you and your fellow members of the Blue Veil. It was a horrid omen, this red face of death in the heavens. Now you have lost one of your leaders, and two others are gravely injured. Then, as the wagons near the King’s Causeway – which is the long, wood-and-stone bridge that traverses the bog – a terrible storm sweeps in. Before it breaks, you will need to make camp; or face the fury of the blizzard while on the causeway. There is no option. Though your instincts would have you avoid it, you must pull from the road and set camp at the edge of a small forest that borders the bog. Known as the Mistwood Hollows, it has a fearful and dark reputation. But as the troupe prepares the site, Vestia and Brayan come to you. The prints of more than a few Ogres have been seen at the edge of the wood. Not knowing where they are, and how many they are, will put the sheltering troupe at serious risk. Before the storm hits, you have a job to do – enter the dark woods beside the road and locate the Ogres. Observe the creatures, count their numbers, and report back.

What follows is a fearful and intense journey beneath a shadowy canopy of Dumal-Wood and Shadepine as the snowstorm closes in on the troupe’s location. Quickly thereafter, the hunters become the hunted, as ghastly creatures track the party. But the woods hold more than just evil denizens; a foreboding tower reaches up like a blackened fang towards the darkening sky; A strange spirit walks the paths; and a long-lost secret will soon be discovered.

But back at camp, something has gone terribly wrong.

Death comes on the howling wind in “The Coldest of Blood.”

Immerse yourself in 120 pages of harrowing encounters enhanced by over 150 full-color handouts, maps, NPC portraits, rewards cards, and special item cards that make the Coldest of Blood the most powerful chapter yet!


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Great Gooey Bundle – Chapter 2-3 and the Cyclopædia Zyathica


Experience The Foulest of Spirits, Coldest of Blood AND Volume 1 of the Cyclopædia Zyathica for the incredible low price of $155, plus FREE shipping to customers in the US! A savings of up to $30! This incredible bundle includes:

  • Over 500 pages of content
  • 250 full color handouts
  • A stunning 17×22 world map
  • Over 50 hours of immersive gameplay
  • Incredible lore and history
  • And much, much more


GMs are raving about the Red Star Rising Campaign:

“I now LOVE being a DM! I had more fun running this than I ever had being a player.”

“Why do you do this to us gamers? You created a monster. It was my best first game ever. It was intense, exhilarating, wholesome. The handouts are just crazy.”

“My players raved about the quality of the story and the art! They also said that the art helped them imagine being there. Amazing.”

“I’ve read through most of Darkest Dream now, and it’s fantastic. Completely lives up to the hype.”

“I usually don’t run D&D for my games, as I find the systems and classes to be more rigid than I like. I thought I’d never GM a game in 5e. Congrats on completely changing my mind.”


A totally different GM experience.

Take your players on a truly epic adventure… unlike any other that you’ve seen! The Great Gooey Bundle provides you with an immersive experience adventure series – along with a fresh, new world – that will astound your players and make your life way easier as a Game Master. All of our adventure boxes come with handouts, NPC portraits, maps, item cards, story-driven content, and so much more… to help you tell a truly amazing tale while also saving you prep time.

The Red Star Rising campaign is an enthralling tale that kicks off with The Darkest Dream; which comes in a sleek adventure box that is packed with 5 lbs. of incredible content and artwork. Oh, and did we mention it also comes with 24 incredible, pre-generated characters that each have stunning potrait artwork and unique bakstories? Seriously. And Chapter 2, the Foulest of Spirits, is even bigger and better – packed with even more artwork and content.

Zyathé is an incredible, new concept that will enhance your creativity and bring all manner of amazing experiences to your tabletop. Barely scratching the surface of the rich history of Zyathé is Volume I of the Cyclopaedia Zyathica: The Wy’rded World. Everything from the origin of creation and the 72 gods, to the emergence and effects of magic, to tremendous lore and history, to new races, and even the geography and a stunning 22×17 inch map of the world can be found in the 240+ pages of this truly epic volume.

One thing is certain: countless hours of immersive gaming entertainment and hundreds of pages of world-building lore has been included in this one, limited-time bundle deal. And it is truly everything you need as a Game Master to easily run immersive games for your players in a truly, living world.

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The Foulest of Spirits – Chapter Two of the Red Star Rising Campaign

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Zyathé: The Wy’rded World – Volume 1 of the Cyclopædia Zyathica

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The Coldest of Blood – Chapter Three of the Red Star Rising Campaign

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