Map of Zyathé: The Wy’rded World


The World of Zyathé is fearful, fresh, unique, and mysterious. The ravaged remnants of the ancient Ethernic Civilization – which was completely destroyed in the terrible calamity known as The Woe of Ruin – still scar the landscape. The corruption of the decaying high magicks – which leach from the Ethernic ruins – seep into every stone and blade of grass, twisting and warping the entire planet. Enormous cracks, terrible distortions, and all manner of horrific perversions mar the surface. Horrific monsters and hideous abominations terrorize virtually every locality, while the Humanoid and Demi-Human races make war upon one another. Meanwhile, in the cavernous depths, the toxic contaminations create terrifying hordes of loathsome creatures and dire unexplained happenings.

  • Nine continents, each with a unique theme, intriguing back story, and fantastical terrain features.
  • A world design informed by lore spanning great stretches of time.
  • Distinctive topography with a broad spectrum of locales.
  • Beautifully illustrated by Malthus Wolf with art direction by Alphinius Goo.

Get the map of they Wy’rded World today… and take your adventures in an entirely new direction that will amaze your players.

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