The Darkest Dream – Chapter One of the Red Star Rising Campaign


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Over 150 Pages of Content

Over 120 Handouts and Portraits

The Darkest Dream begins the epic tale of a group of Hanataz youth who are charged with working security for the last Carnivalle of the season. The Hanataz are the Traveling Folk of the world of Zyathé and are an ostracized people due to the many Blood-Touched members of their troupes. But while the Traveling Folk are not welcome in most towns and villages, the shows they put on are enjoyed by many. However, this is no ordinary Carnivalle. Horrid and vile schemes are afoot. An ancient foe plots deadly revenge. A group of organized criminals looks to frame the Hanataz for murder. And, nearby, creatures from the Dark Below plan an attack on the camp. Beyond this, it is Darktide’s Eve, which is a time of fearful and evil portents. Can you and your friends overcome the many dangers set against you, protect the troupe, and solve the mystery of the Darkest Dream? If you don’t. Many will die. Including those you love.


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27 reviews

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  1. 9 out of 9 people found this helpful


    Jim (verified owner)

    I picked this game up at GenCon in 2019. I was just walking the Dealer’s Room and the artwork caught my eye! Wow! I stopped to take a look even though I hadn’t run or even played D&D in years. Sure there was a great sales pitch from a very eccentric dude all cosplay’d up! Turns out he’s the creator of the game and the company and super cool. So much fun to listen to, but more than that- so much fun to actually tal to him about the game of D&D, his world, and his ambitions for the future of his company. I listened to his pitch, but I had listened to a bunch of them from other companies already. What was different with this game though? Each adventure/box/module… I can’t even call it a module… It’s like a self contained adventure setting complete with everything, and I mean everything, a GM needs to run a D&D adventure. Each game comes in a big box and has maps and player handouts (clues and puzzles and artist drawn depictions of the scenes from the game- There’s portrait art for all the NPCs you will need as well. The art adds so much depth and immersion. I have no idea what all that artwork cost them but having about a hundred pics included in each box is unlike anything i have ever seen done before! AND… All of art straight up commissioned by professionals for this game. The whole package weighs like 5 pounds. I am not exaggerating either!

    And running the game? Easier than I expected. There are two game books (adventure and GM reference) and a couple pamphlets that give you hours of gaming for your table. No lie… My group has gotten four sessions out of this so far, about 6 to 8 hours each session already and I think there’s still 1 or 2 more to go to finish this and then we move to chapter 2 (which is another whole box set like this one) – and then chapter 3 – and then more after that!

    I told you i didn’t have a group and hadn’t played or GMd in a long time- I bought this game and i loved it so much that I got a group together, and it’s been the best fun since those very early days when the game was new to me. Best decision I have ever made in terms of a gaming purchase since getting the Red Box in 1983!

    Final Note- Come to find out this game is just a stepping stone into a bigger world. There’s a new world for D&D players to explore and love. Welcome to Zyathe- with all new races and some twists to the ones you already know. There’s so much lore that anyone can find their place and become a part of this world. These huge game boxes only reveal a tiny fraction of this cool and dangerous world.

    Love it! I can’t wait to see where this story is going! Thanks Gooey Cube- for helping me remember how much I love D&D!!!!!

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  2. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    Tyrone Krieger

    I would have become a GM long ago if they all were like this.

    Tyrone Krieger (verified owner)

    I am Dutch, please forgive me for any typos below.

    First, Let me say that before this campaign I always was a player in many campaigns sporadic over the years where only a handful were ever really finished, real life always seemed to find a way for the party to stop playing.

    With the current pandemic I decided to try playing D&D again with some friends and rotated as a GM every one-shot because we could not find one and everybody wanted to be a player.
    Back then I also wanted to be a player because I always felt overwhelmed by being the GM and I have tried it in the times when our current GM did not have time anymore, but I just could never get into it.

    When it was my turn I bought a one-shot from Roll20, but it did not have pre-gens so I looked for one that had.
    Then I found this on Roll20, “The Darkest Dream” and I bought it because it included: “24 Pregenerated characters with clickable character sheets and rich backgrounds”

    Then to compile a list of characters to choose from I started reading them and was amazed by the background and artwork.

    However it made me wonder, wat was this “Blood-touch” and “Agent of jinxx” and a “spelldancer”.
    So I started reading the philosophy and after that the GM reference book and then Adventure book and kept reading to well into the night.

    I was hooked, this was something different, something amazing, something I never experienced as a player or read as a GM before and I did not want to host the one-shot anymore.
    I did not even mind not being able to play myself, I just really wanted to experience this world with my friends.

    All of it was written from the first page to the last in a way that was just fun to read, as if I were reading an adventure book and a good fantasy novel in one.
    Where in most other campaigns that I tried to read because the original GM of the group left I stopped half way through because I did not get into it, with this I just wanted to keep reading it, because mostly it was fun and it contained great inspiration for me as a first time GM.

    The philosophy is full of ideas / suggestions that you can incorporate but don’t have to, but I agreed with them all and some were solutions to things that I also experience as a player, like how you could make the first levels more fun for the player.

    The adventure itself is fully thought out, they do allot to make it fun and easy for the GM, for example all encounters have 5 different stats so you can easily make the encounter harder and easier based on how experienced the players are, this was something I really liked as a new GM because I did not have allot of experience in how to handle that.
    They even tell you how you could nudge, not push, the players when they are heading in a wrong direction.
    It also contains so much to keep the players invested in the story, Mayor player secrets, rumors, not so random encounters, it is uncanny how much.

    But they have also left allot open to the GM to explore and expand upon, to make it really yours as a GM, if they want.
    From a secrets that every player has or story lines that you could expand and an NPC that they say “Have some fun with him” and give you a few examples how you could use him.
    And some really funny things that I really want to mention but would spoil it.
    They even have a story that is only for the GM that the players will never know!

    In the end we still did do the one-shot because that was promised but I incorporated most of the Philosophy in and allot of the game mechanics teacher in this campaign into it.

    After the one-shot I asked what they thought of it and all loved it like I did.
    So we started this campaign and we have never played as regular as now.
    Everyone really wants more after each session.

    If you wonder if I am bummed out for not able to play in it:
    I am not, this is really a campaign for the player but also for the GM to enjoy.

    You get to be part of this upcoming world that is nothing like anything else.

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  3. 7 out of 7 people found this helpful
    Harry Coit

    This box is CRAMMED with Value

    Harry Coit (verified owner)

    I downloaded the PDF set of Darkest Dream just before GENCON 2019. I read the contents on my long flight to the convention and first thing Thursday morning went looking for the Gooey Cube booth in the vendor hall because I was already hooked. After seeing what was in the box, I purchased the box set (I think I was officially customer #2). I enjoyed the world of Zyathe’ so much that I began digitally modelling characters and creatures from the world.

    Inside the box Holy Smokes!
    20+ pregen characters with art and background and connections with each other, illustrated cards for all of the major NPCs both friendly and not, full page illustrations of all of the encounters, A DM map and player map for each mapped area, 2 books – one with the adventure and 1 reference doc, A card for each special item (magic or otherwise) and a set of cards for special rewards.
    That is all amazing by itself. The adventure is interesting, engaging and a ton of fun to play. It includes EVERYTHING a busy GM needs.
    And in the words of an ad man: That’s not all!

    Each combat encounter is provided with varying levels of difficulty so you can tailor to your adventuring group. Again, for a busy GM that awesome.
    Each illustration of an NPC has commentary on the back to remind you of key points in their personality.
    It is important that lower level characters have a chance to learn their own personality, their fellow adventurers and their abilities. The adventure provides a huge mix of encounters to keep the mystery going for quite some time and give you and the players lots of opportunities for role playing and different kinds of combat.

    I’ve run the game with a group locally and it was a huge success. The Gooey Cube Philosophy comes clear in the adventure and you can download that for free on their website. The final COOL thing is that the adventure is set up that you can use whatever parts of their philosophy you like, or ignore them altogether and still have a Great adventure.

    Some things to be aware of:
    The PreGens are built using the Gooey Philosophy. There are also a few errors. Because of that, it can be difficult to compare them to a character created separately. Players will need to choose their own spells meaning a new player will need help finalizing the character before play. It is also unclear what, if any, 5e backgrounds are used with these characters. They have great personality, illustrations and can be played easily, but something to be aware of.
    The adventure itself is time bound so the characters will not be able to take long rests at will. The GM will need to be very prepared. The adventure does provide lots of ways to manage without the long rest.
    And Gooey loves their creatures. They provide all of the stats, illustrations and information on them, but in some cases a standard 5e would have suited just fine. If you don’t play this in the World of Zyathe’, you may find the need to add these wonderful creatures into the world you are gaming in. Since I’m running the campaign in the World of Zyathe’ I don’t have an issue, but you may need to consider that.

    All in all… This is a great start to what looks to be a great campaign. (I do own adventure 2 and 3)

    DISCLOSURE: After showcasing my 3d models and prints and sharing my work with the Gooey crew, they asked if we could sell printed models of those creations and they are now available on the GooeyCube store.

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  4. One person found this helpful

    A great start into an even greater adventure.


    I am so happy that I got to play through this module. The sheer scope of it, all the details it offers, it all feels and plays just amazing. There is a lot to discover here and each session of The Darkest Dream was something memorable, something to look back to fondly as you dive deeper into even more of the good stuff. With secrets waiting to be uncovered at every corner, The Darkest Dream surpassed my expectation in every way with it’s excellent writing, extensive handouts and the sheer volume of great additions to your standard D&D game. It’s like dipping a toe into the deep pond that is the amazing world of Zyathé and a great adventure for players new and old.

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  5. One person found this helpful

    Once you go Gooey, you'll never go back.

    aweosmedude3 (verified owner)

    My players meet a new NPC? BAM! I have a handout that has the NPC’s picture on it for the players, as well as some character notes for myself.
    The new NPC give the players their ring? BAM! I have a card with the items artwork and description on it for my lucky player! They’ll never forget about it again.
    The players decide to move to a new area? BAM!!! I have a FULL-PAGE handout with fantastic artwork showcasing their new surroundings. My players are actually there!

    I’ve never felt more confident as a DM, and my players have never expressed more excitement to play. Thank you GooeyCube!

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  6. One person found this helpful
    Dan Latham

    A fresh and new way to run/play the game

    Dan Latham (verified owner)

    One of the best ways to run a game. Great immersive story, awesome art work, as well as an easy to use I would recommend this product along with all the other products from this company. I have been running this company’s stuff since I met Kim aka Alphinious Goo at DragonCon a year ago. There is sooooo much you can try and say about these products but the only way to truly know how good they are is to dip your toe in and see for yourselves. We praise the story every time we play. There is always something new to find. It’s great for veteran players/DMs as well as new ones.

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  7. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful

    Role players Delight!


    The amount of love that has gone into the story here is seen at first glance. The story is mysterious and engaging for DMs and players alike. Aside from the amazing story the tools that are included within the box make DMing a joy. So many character cards portraits and item cards it really helps you visualize the world of Zyathé.

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  8. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful
    Michael Crawford

    A warm pool to freshen up your GM skills

    Michael Crawford (verified owner)

    So, I am show to be interested in lore of games. Thankfully, the gooey cube has been so wonderful it kept my attention with our studying the lore. I finally got around to reading the entire gm reference guide for chapter one, and it’s even more amazing.

    This campaign is so good even in the shallow end of the pool. It feels warm and refreshing to the players, and the gm. However as you get into the gooey pool, you soon learn that there is much depth. Indeed it is endless as more plots and sub plots become exposed. This is not a campaign, it is a world that you experience and affect

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  9. 6 out of 6 people found this helpful

    Astounding! Perhaps the best product I have seen for D&D in my 43 years as a gamer

    stefanhuddleston (verified owner)

    So, this will be an unconventional review for an unconventional adventure. First, let me say that I began playing RPG in 1977, I have done some minor writing for RPGs, I met my wife through RPGs, I have two adult sons who are GM’s in their own right, in other words, RPGs are not something I do, they are part of who I am. Love telling stories and I am something of a lore nerd. While I do not doubt that there are people who know the lore of a given fictional universe far better than I could hope to, I would be willing to stake by knowledge across an eclectic range of lore set against all comers. I say that only the illustrates that I have a nose for solid cosmogony that flows into a well-crafted lore set, solid lore makes for more immersive storytelling. If the Darkest Dream relied on lore alone it would rank fairly high in the pantheon of adventures that exist for D&D, but Gooey Cube went the extra mile, and then they kept walking.

    When I meet the owner of this small local gaming company, I expected yet another pitch about some new in the gaming world, a pitch that is realty delivered upon to my satisfaction. But Alphinius Goo is no teller of tall tales— well that’s not true, he is, but what tales!
    When I poured over what comes in this box the word impressed does not over my feelings. Let me be honest, I don’t count D&D among my favorite games, yes it holds a fine level of nostalgia for me, yet I could talk for hours on the finer points of the Red Wizards of Thay, a Bulette, Cannibal halflings, and the Towers of Sharn, but I prefer other games. That said, I still play and run D&D and its variants because often they are the only games people know or are willing to play and I will never discount the game’s ability to bring new blood to the hobby. That leads me to my point, The red Sat Rising campaign is, with no doubt in my mind, the best thing I have seen that will, accommodate both neophyte GMs who bought their DMG yesterday and veterans who remember varying weapon modifier against a particular AC. Take that from someone who has so many RPG books his wife bought him a 10×12 shed to house the one he does not use regularly so she could reclaim her house (sorry honey).

    I can only echo the others who have noted the wealth of goodies this module holds or little extras, tips, not so random encounters, and more that make the DMing seem effortless. It’s all in there. Furthermore, the setup of the adventure (I can say too much—no spoilers) changes the fundamental ways that DMs and players will view how D&D can be played. Without saying too much the majority of the adventure takes place over a single long day and offer some excellent suggestion from reworking the base games rather limited (IMO) rest mechanics. That shift in playstyle is just a taste of one of the many things that make this adventure groundbreaking.

    I could go on for weeks about the love the team at Gooey Cube has invested in this whole endeavor, but I must close with something closer to my heart. As a black gamer who began this hobby at a time when gamers who looked like me were exceedingly rare, I have seen some disappointing handlings of marginalized groups in RPGs but this module again takes a different path. Using the mistreatment of Roma people and other groups as a starting point, the adventure offers a way for some exploration of prejudice and ostracization. For me one of the great strengths of RPG is that it opens a space where we can learn from such themes while having fun, we as players and DMs just need to be willing to take that challenge. IMO. opinion the best fantasy and sci fi teaches within its narrative even as it entertains, and the Darkest Dream does that oh so well.

    In summation, GooeyCube has created a masterful set of keys, you just need to pick them up and walk through that door with the odd flickering glow spilling out underneath.

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  10. 5 out of 5 people found this helpful

    The players couldn't get enough of this adventure!

    misser_wren (verified owner)

    When you actually hear these words spoken at your table you know you’ve stumbled upon a great product:

    “Damn, that was awesome!”
    “When can we play again?”
    “What an amazing story!”
    “Most intense session I’ve ever played”
    “That scene made me cry”
    “You are a bastard genius!”

    I was looking for something different. I love GMing fantasy RPGs but was getting weary of the time it took to build a deep and complex adventure story that kept the interest of my players. Discovering this box I was shocked to find how much material was included in it. Loads of story with large handouts of artwork to match. So many varieties of pregens with deep and rich backgrounds that fit right into the story. Game philosophy and tips that help even new GMs run excellent games. NPCs with deep and creative backgrounds that are written into the story, who your players will learn to love and many others that they will love to hate. The adventure reads like a fantasy novel. Twists, turns, foreshadowing, hooks galore, and some pretty awesome cliffhangers. The materials are laid out in an amazingly efficient method. As a GM I loved every minute of running this adventure. I can’t believe that we spent over thirty hours of playtime in just this one module and session after session my table eagerly kept asking for more.

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  11. tmeans900

    A Wonderfully Creative and Immersive Adventure

    tmeans900 (verified owner)

    This is a brilliant start to an immersive and compelling story that will leave players of all types with a smile and asking for more! The adventure itself comes packed with creative and immersive material that will change your expectations for dnd adventures forever!

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  12. DMGrumpyDwarf


    DMGrumpyDwarf (verified owner)

    I must say the mystery, the intrigue, the TALE, im enthralled by it. Im excited to break out chapter 2 very soon. The story is so good. I see the nostalgia of some very old concepts but the lore weaving is truly an honor to be apart of.

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  13. Keith Dusheke

    The Beginnings of an Amazing Tale

    Keith Dusheke (verified owner)

    I don’t think I could imagine what I was getting into when this amazing heavy box arrived and I was preparing to run my first 5e adventure. I have run other RPGs from all sorts of other games, but never a 5e. I loved the “Come Join the Circus Feel” and after talking with Alphinius at DragonCon I thought let’s do this. Since then I have starting running four different groups and I have fallen in love with the Red Star Rising.
    As the storyteller, I love how immursive this module is right from the beginning with an entire family of NPCs (think X Men meets The Greatest Showman) as well as other NPCs from other areas of the Wy’rded World of Zyathé. There is so much already at the hands of the storyteller!!! So much content that I have started my last two campaigns a day earlier just to give the PCs more time to explorey this amazing Blue Veil Carnivale.
    I have played and ran probably five or six systems and ran a game shop, and I put the content of what Gooey Cube does as one of the best, if not the best I have purchased. I am excited for the fourth module coming out.

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  14. Alexander Bisant


    Alexander Bisant (verified owner)

    Truly this product is something unique. This module is very different from most you will buy, it is overloaded with art and dripping with (Gooey) lore! This adventure will run you roughly 6-10 sessions of some of the best and most immersive gaming to ever come to your table, the book reads easily and runs just as easily, every part of the chapter has been thoroughly designed to make the Game Master’s life easy. After just a single read through the chapter you’re ready to run it.

    I love GMing, but currently, I have little free time, and with this module and the other chapters I am able to run quality games and focus on the best parts of GMing while not having to devote hours and hours each week planning and preparing. For those who love to adjust modules and put in their own parts, this chapter is easily adjusted for additions and adjustments.

    If you want to see the future of high-quality TTRPG modules, look no further, it’s here.

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  15. Jason Reger

    Fine Craftsmanship

    Jason Reger (verified owner)

    The wonderful story line of intrigue and action draws players and GM’s in alike to the wonderful World of Zyathe. The handouts and GM materials are all top quality. I am wholly excited to continue having adventures in the Gooey world.

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  16. Nate McGinness


    Nate McGinness (verified owner)

    Highly recommend to anyone seeking a tale that’s actually worth telling. I took a gander into this tome of beautifully illustrated adventures and haven’t been able to leave. The maps, characters and lore have so much depth within them that you can’t help but not want to be of this Wy’rded World!!! Additionally, the GooeyCube personnel and their community are absolutely amazing and genuine people. Come take a look for yourself! Be warned though…you too shall become stuck in the amazement of the Goo!!!

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  17. Andrew Perlman

    Worth every cent

    Andrew Perlman (verified owner)

    I have purchased two out of the three available modules so far.

    My core table is roughly halfway through module 1, and it has been an absolute blast! Everyone is on the edge of their seat.

    Also, I’ve been running one shots at the local game shops for brand new RP players using the not so random encounters and small sections of the story.

    This actually turned put to be a 10/10 idea. Thw new players get to fight some formidable foes and the list fantastic scripting really enhances the experience.


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  18. Valron

    Best Module You'll Ever Use

    Valron (verified owner)

    I’ve been a GM for many years, and I usually avoid using game modules. They tend to be pretty expensive, and lack any fine details. Really not worth the money, except for maybe one shots. The Darkest Dream is different. The module covers everything you need, from backstory and world lore, to monsters and challenges, and even character dialogue if you like. It handles all the annoying, time consuming parts of GMing, all the writing and planning and plots twists. When I use this module, I can focus on my favorite parts of GMing, like planning out character interactions, and adding fun moments for each of my players individually. Plus, it turns my session prep from a full afternoon or more of writing and planning to just a hour or two. So much less work for no loss of quality. If you want to run a fun, roleplay rich campaign without any of the hard parts, buy Darkest Dream and the other Red Star Rising chapters. You won’t regret it.

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  19. Keaton Leikam

    One of the most immersive DnD story I have ever read.

    Keaton Leikam (verified owner)

    The Darkest Dream is one of the most immersive stories I have ever read and that is just the start. It lays out all the pieces needed to run the adventure in such an initiative way I am amazed it took this long for someone to do it. From the Adventure and GM Reference books being spiral bound so you don’t have to break the spines to keep them open. Oh and yeah the split the adventure into two books, one with the story and exposition and the other with the stats and more technical information about the campaign. This allows one to keep the place in the story so that when a fight is finished the GM can pick the story right up. This is the first time I have run a campaign where I have not had to have my players wait while I found my place again. There is so much more here I could rave on as a GM but I think I will finish with the art, the art in this module is so well put together, beautiful, and cohesive that is continues to draw my players in session after session. If you are considering the Darkest Dream you won’t regret it.

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  20. geminigrey

    A whole lot in one box

    geminigrey (verified owner)

    I ran into the Wizard Goo at a convention and was won over by the Gooey Crew’s enthusiasm and love for the world of Zyathe. Then I got the Darkest Dream box set back to the hotel and cracked it open, and kept pulling out amazing piece after piece. Overflowing with beautiful art, from the maps and handouts to the item cards and character portraits. Super high production values on everything. A delightful sandbox of an adventure that introduces the party to the Hanataz, the Blood Touched, and the world of Zyathe.

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  21. kezzykitty

    The Gooey Philosophy is a Good Philosophy


    My love of Gooey Cube’s works started when my other half came back from Gencon with some free material courtesy of a mad and brilliant wizard called Alphinius Goo. This idea of being young travelers thrown into an adventure really inspired us to find out more, and so we delved deeply into the lore of the world, and he into chapter one of Red Star Rising, as he is the GM for our group. We genuinely could not get enough of it, as the setting is so different from anything we’ve played in before using the 5e system, or perhaps any system.

    Zyathé is a vibrant world full of intriguing mystery, wondrous landscapes, and experiences that will lift your heart or chill you to the very core. It has a rich history with no need to search through mountains of lore to find a specific thing as it is all fresh and laid out cohesively with no contradictions. Through the community around Gooey Cube (and I urge you to find the Gooey Den on Facebook and their Discord) I have found many GM’s and players who have been deeply inspired by Zyathé. So inspired in fact, that they have contributed to the world through Gooey Cube’s contributor’s program, which is something wonderful and unique that lets the consumer be a part of the product’s future.

    Now, if there are any two points that are important to know off the bat about Red Star Rising, it is that levelling is slow and in real-time. The first chapter takes place over the course of one day and a party may take five or six sessions to complete it. The immediate realization here might be the fact that a party will not get a long rest in this whole time. You may also only get one or two short rests. This may seem daunting, however, Gooey Cube’s philosophy provides additional resources to cope with this. Level one characters are a little tougher than normal and have extra HP and some extra spells or items to help them. In fact, they are quite close to being on the power level of a level two character. This makes the experience of being level one easier to cope with, as these first few levels can be a little slow or boring to many. This definitely caused a shift in thinking on the part of our party, and I suspect many parties, as those used to 5e will often skip the first two levels and start at the ‘fun’ level three. However, I will tell you that at the point of writing this review our party has gone through perhaps a week of in-game time, eight months of real-time (playing once a week), and are still level two, on the cusp of level three, and are in the third chapter. And we are having a lot of fun with it, despite our initial skepticism.

    The Philosophy of Gooey Cube definitely emphasizes the story over leveling. It’s not simply about bashing the monster of the week and racking up EXP. The adventure is almost like being the characters inside an epic novel, complete with dramatic script, incredible art, and immersive maps. There is so much packed into the box of each chapter to help the GM run the game and to help the players really buy into the tale being told. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it, as a usual adventure provides more of a skeleton framework and relies on the GM to fill in the gaps. Red Star Rising gives you everything needed and more besides. There is a handout for everything, from NPCs, to location artwork, monsters, and items both magical and mundane. It does everything possible to really show off the world and the adventure so that the party becomes immersed in the tale.

    Now, the story is certainly on-rails, however, it is done in such a fashion that the party has a lot of choice in the direction that the story goes. Each chapter has massive areas full of options for the party. For example, chapter one has the Carnivalle, with many stalls and tents to explore in whatever order the party desires, with events thrown in along the way that the GM can use as they please. Each one of these has associated NPC’s who are brilliantly written so that the GM knows exactly how to play them. The area around Carnivalle also comes into play, with the party being able to explore locations that include a couple of dungeons or even a nearby town. There’s even a quest board of sorts outside a nearby inn with all sorts of intriguing notices that can provide interesting diversions. There is a massive amount of choice given to the players so that the rails are barely seen, and yet at the end of the day, or rather the next morning, the Carnivalle will begin to pack up and the party will hit the road on to another chapter.

    The story itself is very rich, and so well done that it really draws the players into the mindset of their characters. From the outset, it is important to understand that the Hanataz (the travelers) are considered family to the characters, with each of them having two or three closer NPC’s as parental or sibling figures. The characters accept and do ‘quests’ not for money or fame, but because they want to help their family and keep them safe. This helps with the buy-in to the adventure and sets the theme for the entire adventure. The characters, and players, feel a real sense of urgency when the troupe, or a troupe member, is in danger, and feel a real need to resolve the situation at hand. Now, the story can get quite dark at times, as the horror builds up and puts emotional stress upon the characters, and indeed the players. There have been scenes in the story that the players cannot help but really feel the emotions of their characters, and that’s an amazing thing to accomplish at a table. There were certainly a few tears shed at ours!

    In all, the adventure is challenging, fun, immersive, and unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I would highly recommend it, even if you feel a bit skeptical about certain aspects like the slow leveling. I honestly think you’d be missing out if you didn’t give it a try because it’s such an amazing experience that I consider myself lucky to be a part of!

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  22. Kiah Forester

    The most fun I've ever had in 6 years of playing!

    Kiah Forester

    I have been playing 5e for 6 years.

    This campaign has been the most fun I’ve ever had playing Dungeons and Dragons.

    Gooey Cube’s content creates an incredible immersive playing experience in a few ways:

    1. The art – THE ART! Out of this world NPC portraits, maps, detailed pictures of locations, events, and monsters, actual pictures of clues and treasure items… *fangirling* Let me tell you, role playing with a picture is way more exciting than role playing with a DM screen. Much fun has been had because of this.

    2. Not so random encounters. Basically everything that happens during our sessions is related to the campaign. Yes, there is still room for random shenanigans that make DnD so fun, but because the GM has so much material available to him (including “random encounters” that point players back to the ojective), everything feels so cohesive. Gah! It’s so good!

    3. Incredible storytelling, descriptions, and just darn good ideas. Gooey Cube is a collaborative company, where a ton of writers, artists, and game masters get together to create the fabulous happenings in the world of Zyathe. A single person could not create something this awesome. I’ve never seen anything quite like this, but I am all over it.

    If you’re a GM, BUY THIS. Your players will thank you. If you’re a player, BUY THIS. Find a GM who will run it for you, or run it yourself as your first campaign!

    Seriously, I love this campaign.

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  23. Jens Lodholm

    The Fresh Ideas the Game Needs

    Jens Lodholm (verified owner)

    Of all the recently published modules/adventures I’ve read, played, or witnessed, this one takes the cake. It has a compelling story with a fresh start, having lots of flavor and plenty of room for GM and players to add to it. The new world and its unique properties add excitement and interest, while in some ways simplifying a DM’s job. For example, the “blood-touch” system enables GM’s to create “one-off” PC’s instead of having to invent and implement an entirely new race into the world. It has most of the classic races, and several new ones too.

    The printed images add a dimension to the game that my players really seemed to appreciate. I can’t help wishing all the other sessions I play in had such vivid art.

    The staff and the community is young but very vibrant and positive. If you have a question, there’s a bunch of friendly folks willing to help.

    I’m looking forward to running Chapter 2!

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  24. Kristi Kalis

    The Wy'rded World is incredible!

    Kristi Kalis (verified owner)

    Throw away all your preconceived notions about D&D. This world is amazingly immersive and unique. Pick any pre-generated character, and you are going to have a wild and fun ride. Make your own character, and you will have just as much fun. You are a teenager being trained to take over adult duties for the group you belong to. Maybe you are shy and awkward to begin with, but your adventures will bring out your personality. Fighting. Role playing. Dungeons. Monsters. Humor. Drama. And, of course, a mystery. You never need to have played any game before to find your way through this game. Beginners will have just as much fun as seasoned players.

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    The Darkest Dream is truly a dream come true.

    RANDY ALEXANDER (verified owner)

    I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 1983, I have played in hundreds of games, several campaign settings and homebrew worlds. This Darkest Dreams brings you into a world nay it envelopes you into it’s world. The details of the people, their stories, the creatures so gloriously done. You literally fill like you are there. It is so immersive and inclusive to all walks of life via the characters presented. Not only do you have so many pre-generated characters to choose from, but the masterpiece handouts, that the game master has available to him along with the NPC portraits allows the GM to tell a story that not like anything I have experienced before. Gooey Cube you have truly created an amazing product for the world to enjoy. I could go on and on, but I hope you give this game a try and you too will be hooked.

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  26. Corey Papastathis

    A great start to an amazing campaign.

    Corey Papastathis (verified owner)

    I enjoy this adventure so much that I want to run it again and again! I was inspired to create a 3d print of the Carnivale. The way that this adventure is structured gives the GM a great place to allow for player choice. Everywhere the players go, there is something exciting to do or to uncover.

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  27. Khorgan

    Nailed it!

    Khorgan (verified owner)

    So I decided to run a D&D game with some co-workers. A friend of mine is running us through this campaign online. Was always fascinated with the artwork in the game. And when I saw that you got it all as handouts, I was like game over man! They already do an amazing job at covering ever needs for every type of player (assuming the GM can roleplay half bad) and then you get all the handouts. I purchased all of it, literally.

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