The Secrets of Zyathé – Volume 1 of A Player’s Guidebook to the Wy’rded World


You’ve lived your life in the Wy’rded World much like all of your friends and neighbors. You’re well aware of the wonders that can be discovered, and the dangers. Recorded in the 50-plus pages of this unique guide is everything your character will need to begin their journey on the planet of Zyathé without compromising the games your GM is running for you. Enjoy a high-level view of everything that makes the world come to life including an abridged history, the origins of life and magic, as well as background on the 72 gods of the pantheon that your character will pay homage to according to their bent. Plus, a great deal more on the ins and outs of everyday life for the denizens of AvovA’s creation.

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