COMING SOON! West Verdestia – Volume 2 of the Cyclopædia Zyathica

The lands of Zyathé are only now just being revealed. The first featured area of the Wy’rded World is the fractured continent of Verdestia. Strange and mysterious locations may be found in this conflicted land. Aggressive nation-states vie for control of civilization, while magically corrupted localities where monsters and abominations rule. The West Verdestia chapter of the Cyclopædia Zyathica will cover:

  • The rancorous nation-state of Magdranog; home of the Orokonoids and their Garguantua allies.
  • The Republic of Zyranthea which defends itself against the raids of Magranog to the north, but is slowly crumbling from within
  • The terrifying Vile Desolation which is the sick and blighted wasteland that stands between Magdranog and the Republic. Here may be found many destroyed villages and towns, hordes of sinister undead, and many other fearful creatures that menace the foul lands.
  • The dead city of Covenant which stands near the Wraithwood. This war-ravaged city is now filled with many undead terrors abiding in the dark and ruined buildings, serving under the black fist of the Shadowlord, Kalnovich.
  • The city of Osensia, the floating marine city of the Myruun people. This remnant of the days of the Ethernic Civilization is slowly degrading and sinking into the depths.
  • The grand city of Darkenhaven, seat of the Republic of Zyranthea, where many intrigues and plots infest the halls of the senate, the citizens live under the fear of war and organized crime, and where nefarious and evil personages skulk the dark streets of the huge, underground docks district known as the Dunharbor.

Arcane storms rage over twisted spires, a huge swathe of corrupted land festers in the skin of the planet like a great infected wound, and stinking bogs seem to spread further and further like a creeping ooze devouring everything in its path. Your adventures will take you into peaceful hamlets, across swirling seas, over towering mountains, and into the ruins of a civilization that was cast into oblivion by a world-shattering cataclysm! Even now, over a millennium later, the continent still suffers from the effects of the great devastation caused by the Woe of Ruin.

Plus get a full color, 11” x 17” poster map of Western Verdestia

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