Zyathé Character Class: Agent of Jinxx


The wisest gods and kings have long known that the most conflicts are resolved from the shadows and not by the deeds of their armies. The most powerful figures in the land may seem untouchable to the lowly masses, and yet they are still vulnerable to the threats they never see coming. Threats like those posed by the Agents of the gods. Whether hiding in plain sight or lurking through the shadows, these magically inclined specialists possess a quick wit and even quicker reflexes. Those who wish to play an Agent will enjoy a playstyle reminiscent of the standard Rogue but with several added layers of magical and mechanical complexity that elevate them from a simple cutpurse to a peerless spy and infiltrator. With this first release, we peel back the layers to expose the first of the Agent’s archetypes who pledges devotion to the trickster god, Jinxx. Players who create an Agent will gain access to:

  • Patron specific specializations that unlock new abilities and spells.
  • Tricks of the Trade that utilize magical and nonmagical enhancements to their impressive abilities
  • An ever-expanding list of patrons to choose from which include a unique archetype specialization to suit your specific play style.
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