Zyathé Character Class: Flowlock Fusilier


Most who derive their power from arcane magic spend much of their time delving into the mysteries of the Zyanthuus. Their awe-inspiring spells, whether derived intuitively or through extensive study, are but a fraction of the potential of the Everflow, and they continually crave a greater understanding of magic, even if only for its own sake. There are some, however, who seek to use such power for its most brutally simple and straightforward purpose: unleashing blasts of energy to eliminate their foes. The Sarth, in the course of their experimentation with Flowstones, created what would become known as a Fusil. This device allowed those without the slightest glimmer of magical skill to release arcane destruction at range, and it did not take long for a new breed of warriors to master the unusual weapon. And so the Fusilier was born.

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