Zyathé Character Class: Spelldancer


Long have the Hanataz kept the secrets of their mysterious spelldances hidden, but now adventurers and Game Masters alike can rejoice. The playable class known as the Spelldancer has finally arrived! Unlike most other spellcasting classes, these lithe and dexterous women and men use the power of their Blood-Touches and entrancing movements to empower their allies, beguile their enemies, and cast powerful magicks as they effortlessly weave through battle. This class is designed to fill different roles in the party based on the specializations a player chooses to pursue, and it possesses a high risk/reward set of play style that is incredibly fun, but might be on the more challenging end of the spectrum for newer players to master. Those who venture forth to create their own Spelldancer will enjoy:

  • A deep and satisfying set of mechanics that utilize Hanataz spelldances to enhance themselves and their party, hinder their opponents, or simply amplify their spells in a variety of ways through the augmenting power of their performances.
  • A set of 9 different dance forms for their Spelldancer to learn as they master their craft out in the wide world.
  • Their choice from 3 unique Spelldancer archetypes to specialize in that offer specializations and synergy with the different dance forms they can learn.
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