Miniature Painting Contest Registration


So, you think you can paint, eh?

Well we’re going to need ya ta prove it! However, we can’t make this happen without some good ol paperwork. It’s unavoidable. Once completed we will be following up with an “electronic Mail” item that will detail exactly what it is we’re expecting of you. So keep a keen eye out for updates from The Mad Wizard!

Registration Ends: Friday, October 23rd at midnight MST

Gooey Cube Painting Contest

Deadline for entry: 0600 MST 10/25/2020

Voting Starts: 0600 MST 10/26/2020

Voting Closes: 10/31/2020

Theme for all levels: Dark Tides Night

Click the appropriate square below based on what level you plan to enter to read about what you’ll be painting.


Ages 12 and under

Model for this level will be the Alphinius Goo with a hat from store


Ages 13 and up

Model for this level will be Brandele from the store


Ages 13 and up who have a strong understanding of the fundamentals and want a challenge.

Model for this level will be Father Jiki from the store


Ages 13 and up who want a true creative challenge and have mastered the art of miniature painting.

This will be a single figure, 25mm – 40mm, on a base no larger than 60mm in diameter, with a total hight no more than 75mm.

The model will have no restrictions beyond the above-specified metrics.

Rules and Disclaimers:

Please do not comment on your own photo until after the contest is over!

Whenever you are ready, submit the one best picture of your finished model to  (email here) with the last day being 10/25/2020 . This must be a single picture and cannot be a composite of several images. If you really need more than one angle consider using a mirror. A gallery will be posted to the Gooey Den and Discord after the deadline date.

After the contest ends feel free to add additional shots to the gallery. Do not post any pictures to the event (or anywhere else) until the event ends (see below).

Facebook sharing:

You can share the gallery but do not share your photo by itself. Please respect the spirit of the vote. If you tell all of your friends to vote for you instead of the entries that they like the best, then you aren’t really winning, are you? If someone shares your picture along with your name as the gallery link, this is still a violation. With the anonymous spirit of the contest please refrain from watermarks or any other identifying marks that may give away your name or company or painting group you belong to.

Prizes will be issued in US dollars unless you request Euros, English pounds or Australian dollars. If you don’t tell me you will receive your prize in US dollars. This will not be based on conversion rates. For example: If you want Euros for your first prize winnings, you will receive 100 Euros.

The gallery will be posted in the Gooey Den of Enlightenment Facebook page on October 26th  and voting will end after 0600 MST October 31st. To vote: The voting is based on total likes for your photo.

Please do not post your photos (or work in progress shots) in other forums until after this event ends. The event ends when the winners are announced. Pictures with the most likes win. Please keep your comments positive and respectful.

If you have any questions, please write to me at (email here). I may or may not see your questions if they are posted in the group or event only. Gooey Cube reserves the right to disqualify any entry for any reason.

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