The Blessings of Aquera

Sailors! Merchants! Fisherfolk! Travelers! One and all, take heed! Lady Aquera is not a goddess to whom you should give passing reverence, only when you are about to embark upon her waters. Do not even the Goruund of the scalding Dakon Buanda honor the mountain springs that sustain them? Is the grain that feeds your families not carried upon the great rivers to reach the market? Do the rains not revive a dry land, ease a parched throat, and wash away the filth that breeds disease? What of the beauty that gratifies the soul when beholding a placid lake? Are the seas not roads greater than the works of any mortal?

In your gratitude for these blessings, think of Aquera! Each day we rely on her favors, does she not deserve honor and worship in return? Yet do not fear the Waterbearer! Rejoice in the gifts she gives! She loves her children, the Myruun, dearly, and is ever vigilant on behalf of the mariners that call upon her name. But she is no less devoted to any that pay her the proper respect. The sea is tempestuous, and storms may scour the land; Lady Aquera does not hesitate to unleash her wrath against the wicked and faithless. But those that offer sincere prayers and heartfelt offerings will be renewed by her blessed streams! They will not want for fresh water when they thirst, and they may sail through the fiercest gale without fear!

Come unto the great cathedral on Godsday, worship and behold the beauty amidst the tranquil waters of the bay! Commune with one another, and know that you please the Mistress of the Waters! Share in the bounty of the sea, and enjoy the gifts of her blessings. Aquera’s services are not dull, ponderous affairs, they are joyous celebrations! But know that the Waterbearer is not a stickler for rote rituals; she is goddess of seafarers and other practical folk that work long hours, often far from home and temple. Visit her shrines in the bilge of a ship or atop a mountain spring, you are never far from her sacred places! But even should you find no idols of Lady Aquera, she is not a vain goddess, only listening to those in starched robes who stand before gilded altars. Pray to her, and the waters will carry your words to her, even if only by the vapor in your breath!

Worship Aquera, you of all mortal kindreds! She is deserving of praise!

-Inisha Deepshoal, Servant of Aquera

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