The Fool's Tale

Did you hear Fishmouth spluttering on again about one of those “secret” Myruun cities? Full of grog and fool’s tales, he is. You ever met a Myruun that didn’t brag from Sulrise to Eventine ‘bout their ships, their bloody floating cities, and every other thing they ever done? You’d think the gods had never even thought of water before their kind came along. ‘Sides, what use would there be in telling us ‘bout some of their floating cities, and not the others? What’ve they got to hide, eh? 

Fishmouth was trying to convince me there’s nearly a score of those ocean-riding cities out there, beyond the three honest sailors have been to. I’d never set foot on one, myself. Said they go all the way back to those arks the Myruun built during the Woe of Ruin. Ha! Even said they could stay sealed beneath the waves, riding out the storm beneath the sea! Never seen a ship that could do that, now the Myruun are keeping two big secrets from the rest of us? 

Then he had the guts to claim he’d actually been aboard one of these mythical cities, after being lost at sea for weeks on account of falling overboard during a freak storm. Says he got picked up from a sand bank by a galleon flying strange colors, and was pulled onto deck by Myruun with spotty dark brown skin, like sea leopards! Can you imagine? I told he must have been hallucinating, too much sun and not enough water. But Fishmouth insisted they still looked that way after he rested up. Seems they got the gist of his Myruunic easy enough, but he says it took him a couple weeks to get the hang of their dialect. 

They took him back to their city, anchored who-knows-where in the empty stretches of the Mystranic, supposedly. No way it could’ve been Osensia, or Barabatia, much less Langtar, at least according to him. His strange Myruun rescuers called it Icaria, and said it came from an ark of the same name that was beached against the side of a volcano until a dragon pulled it free, back into the ocean. Now they keep to themselves, but have a soft spot for stranded seafarers, and that’s why they rescued him. He says he saw dozens of Myruun ships anchored there, and thousands of their kind, mostly the mottled brown Icarians, but also those that were dark grey, some that were corpse-pale, and plenty of the ones you and I are used to seeing. If all that were true, why there’d be nearly as many Myruun as Dwarves or Humans! 

But the crown jewel of this yarn Fishmouth is trying to spin is that he says they let him stay for a while, but when he wanted to go home, they blindfolded him and kept him below deck in a room with no windows for the whole trip back to civilization, so he couldn’t remember where this fabled Icaria was. Sent him on a ship with a crew of normal Myruun, so no one would see these other clans. All so convenient! I gave him a long dressing down ‘bout trying to pass off idle daydreams as Zendraca’s truth; such tales might be good for impressing the barmaids, but I’m too clever by half to fall for it!

-Brog, Warehouse Worker and Thug-for-Hire

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