Something Gooey This Way Comes…


May All Your Adventures Be Sticky…

At Gooey Cube, we are creating something delightfully unique. Our first campaign… a truly level-variable, immersive-experience, adventure series is broken into 7 lovingly crafted chapters for 5th Edition fantasy roleplaying. Featuring an all-new world, gorgeous original artwork, and an eccentric cast of compelling characters. Best of all, our Prologue Adventure: “The Darkest Dream”, will be available for FREE at launch! Dip your toe into what the world of Zyathé has to offer… before a gooey tendril reaches out to pull you in the rest of the way!

The Cube is on the Move!

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Part 1 Physical Limited-Edition

Part One of the Red Star Rising Campaign. Includes the Adventure Book, the GM Reference Book, and all handouts and maps in full color! Just $49.95.