An Epic Tale Begins!

Get Your Digital Copy of The Darkest Dream

The Darkest Dream is an immersive adventure experience with 120+ pages of incredible content, over 150 full-color handouts and support materials, and 24 unique Pre-Generated Player Characters. Equip yourself to provide an enthralling story for your players!

The Saga Continues…

Chapter Two, The Foulest of Spirits is Available Now!

The Foulest of Spirits is the next chapter in the Red Star Rising campaign. Like The Darkest Dream, it features over 120 pages of incredible content, over 150 full-color handouts, and tons of support materials. Get it today and take your players on the next exciting episode of an immersive adventure filled with mystery, intrigue, and danger.

Journey in Zyathé

Chapter 1 of the Cyclopædia Zyathica Available Now!

The Cyclopædia Zyathica is the definitive work on The Wy’rded World. Get a great overview of the Eterniverse, the planes, the gods, the magic, and the diverse people of Zyathé. Plus, new races, classes, monsters, and spells. Includes an 11”x17” poster map of The Wy’rded World!

Explore West Verdestia

Chapter 2 of the Cyclopædia Zyathica Available Now!

West Verdestia is where the first campaign in The Wy’rded World takes place. It is a wild and fearful land with many dangerous locales and intriguing places to explore. From the no-man’s land known as the Vile Desolation, to the Orokonoid-controlled territory known as Magdranog, to the destroyed floating city of Mu’uz Derron, Verdestia is a land of mystery and peril.

Check out Chapter 1!

Get Immersed. Enthrall Your Players.

Every adventure we craft is designed to help you give your players an amazing experience.

All Gooey Cube adventures provide intriguing plot lines, extensive subplots, many complex characters, dynamic content, great GM support materials, and original artwork – all to make for a deep, expansive, and highly engaging campaign. Each adventure offers significant opportunities for Player-Character development. We hope to empower GMs to run “ready-to-play” yet elaborate adventures confidently. That said, preparation is a big part of being a GM, and we’re giving you tools to mix with your own creativity to make a great experience. We think your players will love the immersive aspects of the game – and the intensity of the story that you bring to them.

Image of Characters, creatures, and maps
Image of Characters, creatures, and maps

Every Chapter Includes:

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The Red Star Rising Campaign

A saga of fearful times: a captivating tale centered on your players.

The Red Star Rising is a new, immersive experience campaign for 5e that is situated in The World of Zyathé, but can be adapted for any campaign setting. A few volumes have already been unearthed, but there are many more that have yet to be uncovered! Get a taste of what the world of Zyathé has to offer with The Darkest Dream, the full-length, first chapter of the Red Star Rising campaign. With over 120 pages of content, more than 150 full-color, illustrated handouts, NPC portraits, rewards cards, and special item cards. The Darkest Dream provides an intense and intriguing beginning to an epic tale. The adventure grows in the telling in Chapter 2: The Foulest of Spirits which is available now. The tale continues to grow in the recently released Chapter 3: The Coldest of Blood.

Zyathé… The Wy’rded World

A dark and broken setting for vast adventure.

The world of Zyathé is fresh, intense, and unique – offering interesting twists on the traditional fantasy genre. Like everything else we do at Gooey Cube, Zyathé was designed specifically to entertain GMs and grab their players’ imaginations. The first chapter of the Cyclopædia Zyathica is entitled Zyathé: The Wy’rded World. This GM’s supplement will provide you with an overview of the creation of the Eterniverse; the magic that infuses everything that exists therein; the deific planes, and the gods that dwell in those magnificent localities; and the people, places, monsters, and mysteries that make up this small, blue planet in the Suleónic system, known as The Wy’rded World.

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