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Ways To Get Gooey

Gooey Cube has a vibrant online community that we would love for you to be a part of! Across these platforms, we host loads of giveaways, do sneak peeks into our current products, facilitate Gooey Gaming at conventions, and just have fun! Join us online if you would like a positive, drama-free place to explore Zyathé, GMing, and just connect with folks who love TTRPGs.

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Ways To Get Involved!


If you want to get involved, the best place to start is the Gooey Game Master’s Den of Enlightenment on Facebook. It is very active with loads of GM tips, art inspiration, memes, and contests. The Goo Crew is also very active, especially Alphinius Goo who shares sneak peeks of ongoing projects pretty much daily.


On the streaming front, Goo Morning Zyathé is a weekly livestream hosted by Alphinius Goo and Camera Mandi, where we talk about building the Wy’rded World, interview guests, and give progress updates on our works-in-progress. Catch it live Saturday Mornings at 10am MT on Twitch, or watch the replays posted on our official Gooey Cube YouTube channel.


Also on YouTube, the Gooey Guild channel is a place where we accumulate community-made content, such as Red Star Rising actual plays, interviews with Alphinius, and GM tips on how to best run Gooey Games.


Sticky Wiki
And if you wish to dig even further, the Sticky Wiki is a community organized and run source of information about Zyathé. If you are curious about our world, take a peek! Plus, on our Discord you can find a book club, lore discussions, a writer’s guild, convention planning, and so, so much more.


We invite you to join us on any or all these platforms. Engaging with the Gooey community is what keeps us going and makes this so fun. And if you’re ever interested in contributing to the World of Zyathé, we have a special way for you to collaborate.

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