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About Gooey Cube

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Who We Are

We’re a small, “pirate crew” TTRPG company of game masters and players that has set out to help GMs create the most engaging, immersive experiences possible. This isn’t our day job. Gooey Cube is our side hustle, our free time, our passion project. Our objective is not only creating a game that is fun to run as it is to play, but foster an experience that has your players approaching at the end of the night to thank you.

We also get to work with talented artists around the world to help shape our amazing adventures, and worlds. We don’t use AI generated art in any of our products. Humans first.

Our Philosophy

My friend! Come close and let me weave you a tale…

Some of us have only been playing for a few years, and others have been playing and GMed thousands of games over 40 years. We are fans, readers, collectors, storytellers, adventurers, nerds, and overall lovers of one of the greatest games ever invented.

All this to say that we, collectively, have come to believe what (at least for us) makes for the best game. We’re not throwing shade at any other companies or systems; they got us to where we are. But we saw a need that comes down to two words: Immersive stories.

The belief that immersion and tale are the foundation of great games, infuses all we are doing at Gooey Cube. It colors our imaginations, pushes our creativity, and drives us to develop supplements and scenarios that will help others in their quests to craft amazing sagas that will wow and enthrall their players.

In just four years we’ve produced a full-length campaign, many stand-alone standalone adventures, and an ocean of supplementary content that only improves upon the main works.

And what’s next? So. Much. More. In addition to completing our main campaign, we have some of the largest city settings and maps ever produced on the horizon, as well as some convention exclusive adventures, massive kickstarters, and an ever growing world and catalog.

So welcome, gamer and traveler, to Gooey Cube! Stay tuned for more information about who we are, how to connect with other fans, and fantastic new product releases.

– Alphinius Goo


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