Goo Are We?

Helping GMs run epic games is what we’re all about

The driving motivation behind our work here at Gooey Cube is to create engaging adventures based in an expansive world with a rich history that comes alive every time it’s played. We seek to help GMs craft epic tales that are compelling for players, and entertaining for the Game Master. Through masterful art in various styles, a dedication to story, and proofed GM strategies, we believe that every game run in Zyathé has the potential to become part of an unforgettable campaign!

Image of D and D characters fighting giant spider

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Our Crazy Ship of Fools

We have a great team of folks here at Gooey Cube. From writers, to art directors and designers, to editors and proofreaders, to the those who keep the wind in the sails, we’ve come a long way from 2018 when somebody said: “hey, let’s start a game company!” In any case, we’re excited to share with you our creativity and concepts, and hope that you will augment them with your own imaginative takes on these stories. It is our greatest hope that they will enhance your games and enthrall the folks at your table. Here’s to you! And to the game!

Image of Alphinius Goo

Alphinius Goo

Image of AJ Martin

AJ Martin

Image of Alex Bucher

Alex Bucher

Image of Cody Martin

Cody Martin

Image of Colt Haugen

Colt Haugen

Image of David Copeland

David Copeland

Image of Devin Martin

Devin Martin

Image of Eric Heasley

Eric Heasley

Image of Jeremy Harding

Allie Nidey

Image of Stan Nelson

Stan Nelson

Image of Kimberly Copeland

Kimberly Copeland

Image of Mandi McNabb

Mandi McNabb

Image of Mike Shugart

Mike Shugart

Image of Riley Pearce

Riley Pearce

Image of Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis

Image of Terra Fisk

Larry McNabb

Image of Tonya White

Tonya Witte

Image of Diedra McNabb

Micky McNabb

Our Incredible Artists

Much like the eclectic nature of the Hanataz, the artwork you see in our adventures reflects the various imaginations and styles of the incredibly talented artists we work with to bring Zyathé to life. We believe that, by allowing each artist’s vision to breathe into our world, our adventures have a variety of atmosphere and character that enhances the experience. Our team is always on the hunt for new talented artists. If you are interested in working with us, email us at with a short introduction and a link to your portfolio.

Artwork of Vera Zowadova

Vera Zowadova

Artwork of Le Vuong

Le Vuong

Artwork of Fabio Perez

Fábio Perez

Artwork of Malthus Wolf

Malthus Wolf

Artwork of Teejay Villahermosa

Teejay Villahermosa

Artwork of Tadas Sidlauskas

Tadas Sidlauskas

Artwork of Suresh Pydikondala

Suresh Pydikondala

Artwork of Kishore Ghosh

Kishore Ghosh

Artwork of Javier Cattaino

Javier Cattaino

Artwork of Pratik Jaiswal

Pratik Jaiswal

Artwork of Alben Tan

Alben Tan

Artwork of Eva Kosmos

Eva Kosmos

Artwork of Ferdinand Ladera

Ferdinand Ladera

Artwork of Igor Kirdeika

Igor Kirdeika

Artwork of Ina Wong

Ina Wong

Artwork of Marton Kimagu

Marton Kimagu

Artwork of Sebatian Diaconu

Sebatian Diaconu

Artwork of Simon Zhong

Simon Zhong

Artwork of Gabriel Pickard

Gabriel Pickard

Artwork of Kris McDermot

Kris McDermot

Artwork of Taylor Christensen

Taylor Christensen

Artwork of Ahmad Hilmi

Ahmad Hilmi

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